Podcast: Microsoft FY23 Q2 Earnings: Microsoft Cloud Growth Slows

Microsoft’s FY23 Q2 earnings came out, and total revenue was reported as $52.7B, lower than what analysts were expecting ($52.9B). This revenue represented only 2% growth year-over-year, the slowest rate of growth since 2016 . Microsoft’s net income was also down 12%.

Most importantly, Microsoft Cloud revenue was reported at $27.1B, representing a 22% increase year-over-year. While the associated gross margin increased from 70% to 72%, their Cloud growth rate has been slowing. Microsoft Cloud revenue growth was 32% in FY22 Q2 and 24% in FY23 Q1. Microsoft’s go-forward success will continue to be directly tied to Microsoft Cloud, which includes Azure, Office365, LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and other cloud solutions.

In this podcast, our Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how enterprise customers can take advantage of Microsoft’s focus on helping customers realize more value from their spend. He also covers what enterprise customers should expect from Microsoft in the coming quarters as they try to accelerate cloud growth.

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