Podcast: Salesforce’s Q3 FY21 Earnings – Revenue Growth and Raised Guidance

Salesforce had another strong quarter even during a pandemic, posting 20% revenue growth while even raising full year guidance.  Salesforce posted impressive revenue growth across all its clouds (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform & Other as well as Marketing and Commerce Cloud).  Salesforce’s ability to raise full year revenue guidance is directly attributable to a strong pipeline that CRO, Gavin Patterson, mentioned is tied to the increased level of access they have with decision makers.  In this podcast, Salesforce Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses what enterprises should expect from Salesforce moving forward as they look to meet and exceed raised full year revenue guidance and achieve their objective of becoming a $25B company next year. He also shares how enterprises can take advantage of key insights from the earnings call in their upcoming negotiations and renewals.  Salesforce also officially announced they are acquiring Slack for roughly $28B. Adam will be providing insights on what this means in an additional podcast.

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