Podcast: ServiceNow FY21 Q4 Earnings: On the Path to $15B

ServiceNow had another strong quarter and year, with subscription revenue of $1.52B in Q4 and $5.57B for the full year, representing 29% and 30% growth respectively.  ServiceNow also now has 1,359 customers that pay over $1M per year, with the average annual spend being $3.8M.  ServiceNow is able to do this through organic growth and executing to a strategy that has resulted in successfully getting more of their Workflow (IT, Customer, Employee, and Creator) products adopted as part of net-new deals and renewals.

In this podcast, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses where ServiceNow will focus to accomplish their goal of growing from a $5.57B company to a $15B company and what customers should expect from ServiceNow over the course of the upcoming year.  He also shares how customers can leverage ServiceNow’s clear goals during their upcoming ServiceNow negotiations and renewals.

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