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Podcast: ServiceNow FY22 Q4 and Full Year Earnings: Beat Guidance and Expectations

ServiceNow’s Q4 subscription revenue came in at $1.86B, representing 22% growth year-over-year even though cRPO fell short of guidance. ServiceNow pointed out during the earnings call that cRPO (revenue that will be recognized in next 12 months) was impacted by fewer early 2023 renewals than is typical in Q4.

ServiceNow mentioned that they outperformed their Net New ACV and renewal ACV targets for the contracts that were expiring in Q4.  ServiceNow’s full year FY22 subscription revenue also beat guidance, coming in at $6.89B, up 24% year-over-year.

In this podcast, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses what customers should expect from ServiceNow over the course of the upcoming year as ServiceNow works to upsell and cross sell their current customers while adding net new logos.  He also shares how customers can leverage ServiceNow’s clear goals during their upcoming ServiceNow negotiations and renewals.

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