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Organizations are strategizing quickly to mobilize their Digital Services capabilities with transformations to enable new marketing and sales channels, process collaboration and automation, and innovate and deploy new digital products and services.  UpperEdge’s digital capabilities span across these digital platforms, applications and related services.

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  • Source, advise, negotiate and contract new digital platforms and services, including cloud, ERP, mobility, data and analytics, IoT, web and channel, Industry 4.0, MES, and artificial intelligence (AI) offerings
  • Analyze renewal, renegotiation, vendor transition, and audit current digital platforms and services
  • Advise and assess digital products, services and programs against established service levels and industry benchmarks over the program or agreement lifecycle
  • Inform on vendor governance, operating models and relevant market changes and influences
  • Support platform, application and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), transformation, testing, application development, process, security, integration and Operations-as-a- Service
  • Support application vendors including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce; infrastructure services like IBM and Amazon Web Services; and consulting service providers, such as Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, CapGemini, EY, TCS, and CSC



  • Use industry / market / supplier / service-specific data, research and benchmarks to assess digital services against established service levels & industry benchmarks
  • Analyze digital spend, assets and commercial risk of existing platforms or services
  • Support platform audits and renegotiations for digital uses such as indirect access or artificial intelligence
  • Initiate a digital sourcing strategy to support digital transformations
  • Source and contract digital platforms and services to support digital transformations and journeys
  • Assist with accountability, operating models and governance structures across digital partners
  • Advise on emerging market changes in digital categories to support the digital lifecycle


  • Identification of potential cost savings, partner investments and commercial risks
  • Accelerated sourcing and innovation lifecycle to support digital transformation or journey
  • Greater platform, application or service quality
  • Larger solution or vendor value over term of agreement
  • Lower program and business risks and exposures

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