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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Cloud Subscription Agreements

Often complex and vendor-centric, cloud subscription agreements require a unique negotiation approach even though they can sometimes resemble more traditional on-premise contracts. Enterprises turning their attention to and adopting SaaS applications must approach their cloud agreements with the proper rigor and ensure they include necessary upfront and downstream protections as well as flexibility while also addressing various security concerns.

This complimentary white paper reveals actionable strategies for ensuring your cloud agreements provide long-term value and protections.

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4 Steps to Gain (& Keep) Control of Business Transformation Programs White Paper

At many enterprises, business transformation programs last years and often exceed the project management capabilities of IT departments due to their complexity and large size. Too often, projects spin out of control, making a successful and cost-effective delivery extremely difficult.

Download this White Paper to learn our proven, four-step process for gaining and keeping control of your business transformation program.

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SAP Indirect Access White Paper

Indirect Access is an issue that CIOs simply cannot afford to ignore as it can expose both old and new SAP customers to substantial incremental fees. Due to the lack of clarity around SAP's definition of "use", many organizations are unaware of what Indirect Access violations they may be committing and are, unfortunately, blindsided by an audit.

Download this white paper to learn examples of what SAP considers use by way of Indirect Access and tips for developing your Indirect Access strategy.

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